Can an immortal character die? No he can’t! This is the reason of this book. The character known all over the world is the Belgian Detective Monsieur  Hercule P.


The story takes place around the time following the  “WW2”  and began in lands far away, in the Polynesian Islands, in an island whose name is Hotera (which in local dialect means living) and it’s not visible on geographical maps as in the Prologue is written, and then introduce the coming of Monsieur P. in a quiet afternoon on the Irish coast.


The basic elements of the story of the passage of Monsieur Hercule P. (by knowing this possibility at the time of his maximum splendor)  through the time barrier, with his inseparable friends of adventure; a jump that will determine the ability to continue until now to solve even the most intricate mystery. The story is a thriller- fantasy but very close to real life as a very thin dividing line splits the difference between knowing the secret of longevity and how this is actually possible.


This matching of two different situations in two completely different places do raise an interesting fusion of two worlds, so different so distant, but they are going to meet and reveal the most exciting stories. The nodes that arrange the story are many because there is a web of plots structured and suggestive, in a way that respecting the history of the times of the characters and in the secular history, where everything takes place. Our four heroes live a reality also incredible but absorbed at the right time and with the right explanations.


The message of the story is entirely modern and contemporary, because based on the life of every day in a mixture of well-woven plots designed to grip the reader until the end of book.

passage to infinity