passage to infinity




Can an immortal character die? No, he can’t!

This is the reason of this book about the character known all over the world, the Detective Monsieur Hercule P.

The story is a fantasy thriller but very close to reality because a very thin line separates the difference between the knowledge of the secret of longevity and the determination of how much this is actually possible.

A new Thriller Fantasy novel, romantic, mysterious, communicative, funny and thoughtful.


On the Italian Market the book has reached the third position in the Thriller category

«Oui, Milady» said Monsieur Hercule «I must agree with you:Times have changed. But, I believe it is our duty to adapt with the times. It is the key to life itself; to progress, being prepared for all eventualities.»

(Monsieur P.)

«By the flow of constant messages that, although invisible, have a massive impact on the human mind, Majesty. The human mind is a precise tool, King Huka, and the way in which it is nourished generates either beneficial or harmful actions.»

 (Monsieur P.)

passage to infinity

«If only we were not so accustomed to such madness… if only people could understand once and for all that we don't have to get used to the horrors imposed on us by madness…» she looked up at Monsieur Hercule, who was staring at her in shock «…if only the governors would understand that they will be the first to succumb to the madness that is prevails over them.»


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